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Started in September, the Creativity Workshops explore the nature of creativity and how it changes between disciplines and practices. This is done by engaging participants in a range of activities from narrative construction to games design, always with the focus on questioning the process.

The series started with a session on 'What is Creativity?' that looked at the terms associated with creativity and their varying definitions. Directions to the IOCT can be found through the links on the IOCT website at www.ioct.dmu.ac.uk.

Title Description Venue Leaders

What is Creativity?
More: web, doc, pdf

A look at the terms that surround creativity. What are they, what do they mean, and how do they relate to each other? Oct 17th , 10-12pm, IOCT

Graham Hudson
EK Baek

Tools for Collaborative Creativity
A hands-on session with the De Montfort Creativity assistant. Can technology really help you to increase your creative capacity. Nov 8th,
2-4pm, P0.37
Sascha Westendorf
Keno Buss
Creativity Through Games Design
Participants will develop an idea for a computer game considering narrative, sound and image. They will then see how these ideas can be realised using technology. Nov 28th, 1-3.30pm, IOCT

Aladdin Ayesh

CREEM is funded by AHRC, Arts Council England, DTI and ESRC through the Nature of Creativity scheme.
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The Creem Project has ended and this Website has been archived.....