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CREEM is a network of researchers and practitioners based in the Institute of Creative Technologies at De Montfort University but extending into the wider community. CREEM network participants come from a wide range of disciplines but share a common interest in creativity and innovation. We are investigating the terms used to describe creativity and innovation with the aim of developing a common language that works across different disciplines, and are looking at how creativity can enhance innovative practice.

To help us reach these goals, we have organised a series of informal discussion sessions titled Creativity Conversations. These take place weekly, and feature two main participants centering on a particular topic within the areas of creativity, innovation, and transdisciplinary working. We have also organised a series of more structured workshops that explore the nature of creativity and how it differs across different practices.

To bring the year to a close, we have put together a one day conference entitled Creativity: Innovation and Industry. This is a chance to present what we have learnt about creativity to the wider community of both business and academia. It also gives us the opportunity to bring in people who are renowned for their work on creativity and innovation. The links above will guide you to more information on all of these.

CREEM is funded by AHRC, Arts Council England, DTI and ESRC through the Nature of Creativity scheme.
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The Creem Project has ended and this Website has been archived.....