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Dr. Aladdin Ayesh: Aladdin is a senior lecturer at DMU in AI (intelligent agents and mobile robotics). He is a co-founder of DMU Lab for Advanced Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Computing (LAMRIA) and currently the director of Intelligent Mobile Robots and Creative Computing (IMRCC) research group. His research focuses on cognitive systems, human-robot interaction and adaptive systems with applications in multimedia, games and entertainment computing.

Dr. Bret Battey: Bret creates electronic, acoustic, and multimedia concert works and installations. Diverse international venues have presented his works, including the Korean Electroacoustic Music Society Festival, the Bourges, and France Synthèse Festival. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre at DMU.

Prof. Stephen Brown: A Professor of Learning Technologies and Director of Knowledge Media Design at DMU, Stephen is also Director of the Creativity East Midlands network. In a thirty year career spaning industry and the public sector he has been involved in media design, innovation and research to promote learning and knowledge acquisition.

Dave Everitt: Dave is a freelance artist who produces art, music, and text based work. A former visiting researcher at the Creativity and Cognition Research Studios, his interests also include areas of mathematics and programming culture. He also advises (mainly arts and voluntary sector) organisations on web standards, design and accessibility, founded media consultancy partnership Eco Consulting in 1992, and has worked with the CBI, DTI and Arts Council England.

Pip Greasley: Pip Greasley is a British sonic artist and composer who devised the award winning 5K Pursuit Opera (1991) for Channel Four TV. His work integrates sound into site specific or architectural environments; he is currently spatial mapping the score for National Space Centre’s first Full Dome 360 cinema experience. He is a Visiting Lecturer at De Montfort University.

Prof. Andrew Hugill: Andrew Hugill is a composer, writer and Director of the Institute Of Creative Technologies (IOCT) at De Montfort University. He is Chairman of the East Midlands Universities Association committee for the Creative Industries, and the Creative Industries Working Group of De Montfort University.

Prof. Mohammad Ibrahim: Having previously conducted pioneering work on design methodologies, Mohammad now works on technology fusion, fused media, and digital human & artificial life. His research interests include interactivity across disciplines, creativity and innovation technologies, and the role of context.

Chris Joseph: Currently the Digital Writer in Residence at the IOCT, Chris works primarily with digital text, audio and image. He began his creative life as a poet, however, his academic training was in social and political sciences, specialising in cultural theory.

Prof. Leigh Landy: Director of the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre at De Montfort University, one of Leigh's interests is in bringing innovative art to new audiences, in particular using relevant technologies. He is widely published with five books and over seventy articles to his name, as well as some forty compositions, many for dance, theatre and other visual media.

Bruce Mason: Bruce works with Prof. Sue Thomas on the Tags Networks Narrative project. He is involved in many areas including transliteracy, ethnography, folksonomy research and social research into Web2.0 services.

Dr. Neil McBride: A member of the IT Service Management Research Group at DMU, Neil's interests include IT Service Management, Culture and Information Systems, Theoretical Approaches to Information Systems, Application of biological concepts to information systems. He is widely published in these fields, as well having recently written a paper exploring a specification for a creativity assistant.

Simon Mills: Simon Mills teaches new media (level 2) and is course leader for the PGDip in New Media Publishing at DMU. He has over 10 years of industry experience with new media and website development, including managing the trAce Studio for the trAce Online Writing Centre.

Toby Moores: Visiting Professor to the IOCT, as well as CEO of Sleepydog, an ideas and multimedia company. Sleepydog devised and produced the PS2 game Buzz: The Music Quiz, the best selling game on the platform. Toby has a keen interest in Web 2.0 and commercial creativity.

Kate Pullinger: Kate is an author whose novels include A Little Stranger (2006), Weird Sister (1999), and The Last Time I Saw Jane (1996) as well as the short stories collections, My Life as a Girl in a Men's Prison (1997), and Tiny Lies (1989). Kate also writes for film, radio and for digital media. Her most recent work is, a digital nover. Find her at

Howard Rheingold: In 2002, Rheingold published Smart Mobs, exploring the potential for technology to augment collective intelligence. Shortly thereafter, in conjunction with the Institute for the Future, Rheingold launched an effort to develop a broad-based literacy of cooperation.

Prof. Martin Richardson: Chair in Modern Holography at DMU, Martin is an internationally renowned holographer and digital artist. His work has been heartily endorsed by David Bowie and Jonathan Ross, and has featured in many group and solo exhibitions. He also writes for a number of technical journals and is a member of the Royal Photographic Society.

Prof. Peter Shillingsburg: With a distinguished past as a literary scholar in both the States and Australia, Peter is now the Director of The Centre for Textual Scholarship at DMU. He has written extensively, his latest book examining the ways that literary texts can be represented electronically.

Dr. Martin Stacey: His research focuses on human computer interaction, artificial intelligence, and design processes, and how computer systems can support designers in being more effective and creative. Having completed a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at Aberdeen and undertaken research at the MRC Applied Psychology Unit at Cambridge and at the Open University, he is now a Senior Lecturer in the Division of Computer Science at DMU.

Prof. Sue Thomas: Professor of New Media in the Faculty of Humanities at De Montfort University. She founded the trAce Online Writing Centre in 1995 and was Artistic Director until coming to De Montfort in January 2005, where she now leads the Production and Research in Transliteracy (PART) group. She has published extensively in both print and online, and has initiated numerous online writing projects. Her most recent book is Hello World: travels in virtuality (2004). More here:

Prof. Hussein Zedan: Hussein is Head of Research for the DMU School of Computing, as well as Technical Director of the Software Technology Research Laboratory. He also heads the team who are developing the De Montfort Creativity Assistant, a research-led project to develop a software environment for enhancing creativity.

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